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Madhya Pradesh Travel Guide
The central land of Madhya Pradesh, the land of Kings and primitive people, of rugged mountains , myth and romance, is the largest state in the Indian Union, with its capital at Bhopal.

Sanchi, MadhyapradeshM.P. is a vast plateau surrounded by the Vindhya and Satpura mountains that make a rugged descent into the valleys of the Narmada and Tapti rivers which have long served as a passageway connecting east and west India. 

The people are proud of their culture. The men here are of the marital type, the women proud and graceful; those married recognizable by their vermilion and green glass bangles. The state is home to a large number of aboriginal tribes like the Bhils, the Baigas, Maria and the Murias. 40% of India's aboriginal population-the Adivasis live here. Apart from Hindi, the locally spoken dialects include Malwi, Bhojpuri, Bundelkhandi etc. 

Hand spun cotton saris studded with jewel-colored embroideries are specially woven in Chanderi, with each sari's border displaying a traditional tale. Bhopal is the center for filigreed silver jewelry, inlaid leather, bead handbags and embroidered slippers. Jabalpur is famous for its lacquer work and Gwalior far its carpet industry. 

Bhopal is a city planned beautifully and aesthetically. It has the Bharat Bhavan, one of the greatest centers of art and culture in the country. Culturally, it is one of the most happening places- a new play, a dance festival or a poetry recital ,something always keeps on happening. The Jama Masjid, the Sardar Manzil Palace are worth visiting. 

The Great Stupa at Sanchi, built by Ashoka stands magnificently here. Located nearby is Vidisha, another town prosperous during the reign of Ashoka. Indore is one of the growing commercial cities where the Kanch Mandir, temple of mirrors is situated. Chattri Bagh is a place dotted with carved umbrella shaped mountains. At Ujjain, the Kumbh Mela is held every 12 years which is a major attraction for the Hindus. It also has the famous observatory built by Raja Man Singh - the Jantar Mantar. At Bagh are many Buddhist monastries in the style of Ajanta . At Gwalior is the the sacred lake Surajkund where Indians of every religious denomination come to find benediction. 

In MadhyaPradesh, Khajuraho is rarely missed by any visitor. Temples at Khajuraho are a celebration of love, where human emotion and physical love transcend the merely earthy to become, spiritual, cosmic and closer to God.Built by the Chandellas. These temples are said to be a celebration of womankind, her myriad moods and facets. Khajuraho celebrates love, and men and women couple in incredible positions to present a veritable Kamasutra in stone. 
The weather is typical continental type of climatewith summers being hot and winters cold. The best season to visit is between th e months of October and April. 

Places to visit: 

Khajuraho Temples, MadhyaPradeshKhajuraho - Of all temples of India, the Khajuraho complex remains unique in its depiction of sexual architecture. One thousand years ago, under the generous and artistic patronage of the Chandela Rajput kings of Central India, 85 temples, magnificent in form and richly carved, were built on one site, near the village of Khajuraho. The amazingly short span of 100 years, from 950 AD - 1050 AD, saw the completion of all the temples. Today, of the original 85, only 22 have survived the ravages of time.

Amarkantak - is set among sylvan surroundings. Situated at an altitude of 1065 m at the meeting point of the Vindhya and the Satpura mountain ranges, it is a great pilgrim centre for Hindus. It is the source of the rivers Narmada and Sone. Holy ponds, lofty hills, deep forests, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls make Amarkantak a much sought-after destination for the religious-minded as well as for the nature-lover. A wonderful retreat with a wonderful air of serenity pervades the environs. 

Bhimbetka caves - surrounded by the northern fringe of the Vindhyan ranges, Bhimbetka lies 46 km south of Bhopal. In this rocky terrain of dense forest and craggy cliffs, over 600 rock shelters of the Neolithic age were discovered. Over 500 caves record ancient man’s love affair with art. Here, in vivid panoramic detail, paintings in the caves depict the life of the pre-historic cave-dwellers making the Bhimbetka group an archaeological treasure. Animals and birds constitute the largest subject of these paintings.

Mandu - is a celebration in stone of the love of the poet-prince Baz Bahadur for his beautiful wife, Rani Roopmati. Towards the end of 13th century, it came under the Sultans of Malwa, first of whom renamed it Shadiabad - the city of joy. The rulers built exquisite palaces like the Jahaz and Hindola Mahals, ornamental canals, baths and pavilions. Each of Mandu's structures is an architectural wonder. 
Udaigiri caves - are cut into sandstone hill, five km from Vidisha. There are about 20 Gupta cave shrines. In cave 5, there is a superb image of vishnu in his boar incarnation.

Marble rocks- in Jabalpur, are high cliffs of marble which it has polished with time over the centuries. The place also affords opportunities for boat-rides, preferably in the early morning or late evening, down the gorge of the river. It is a wonderful sight by moonlight.Tiger, Kanha National  Park

Kanha National Park - is the setting for Kiplineg’s Jungle Book. It’s a beautiful forest with lightly wooded grassland, streams anmd rivers and has an excellent variety of wildlife. It is also a part of Project Tiger. 

Panchmari - Nestling amidst the craggy Satpura ranges of Madhya Pradesh is Panchmari - perhaps the loveliest hill-station in India. Together with the pretty Englishness, Panchmari has a typical military starchiness: all military bands are trained here. Each morning and almost through the day the bands practise and play a vast repertoire of tunes.

Lal Bagh Palace- is a grand palace surrounded by gardens in Indore.Its entrance gates are a reminder of the Buckingham Palace and even has a wooden ballroom floor mounted on springs.
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