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Andhra Pradesh Tour
Andhra Pradesh is a symbol of the true spirit of Indian secularism where people of all faiths -Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu form a symphony of religions. Once among the poorest states of the Indian Union, it's transformation to one of the most industialized states has been slow but steady.

Delhi Tour
India’s capital city, Delhi is the second most widely used entry point into the country, being on the route of most major airlines. It is well linked by rail, air and road to all parts of the country. The remains of seven distinctive capital cities – among them Shahjahanabad and Qutab Minar – can be seen. Here, museums, art galleries and cultural centers attract the finest exhibitions and performances from India and abroad. Shopping encompasses virtually everything that can be bought in the country; hotels range from the deluxe to the more modest.

Walk leisurely on the sun kissed beaches, listen to the murmuring winds, watch the sun drawing patterns in the sand through the shades of the trees, let the cool seas wash your feet or simply lie back and enjoy the Goan drink- Feni.

Gujarat Tour
Gujarat is a vibrant land with a historical and cultural tradition dating back to the days of the Harrapan civilization. Prosperous and throbbing with life, this state offers colors of a million hues to the visitor. Since the beginning of civilization, Gujarat has been witness to revolutionary changes that have left their mark on the face of time. This land of Lord Krishna and the great Mahatma Gandhi has been home to a multitude of cultures.

Blue valleys, alpine passes -- Kashmir's beauty is the stuff of fables. The geography of Kashmir is actually divided into three land masses: the foothill plains of Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and the mountains of Ladakh. Its strategic position leads to off-and-on skirmishes with Pakistan and has converted this beautiful place into one of the highest battlegrounds of the world.

Karnataka Tour
Spice, sandal, silk and scenery merge to present a state enmeshed in a glorious blend of the old and new- Karnataka , formerly known as Mysore. Home to 48.6 million people, it has been able to preserve its past heritage and embrace the vision of the future with equal elan.

Kerala is situated on the south-west coast of India, sandwiched between the Lakshwadeep Sea and the Western Ghats. The country is full of rice fields, mango and cashewnut trees and above all, coconut palms. Kerala is also an important center for spices and this has drawn merchants of spices to stop here.

Madhya Pradesh Tour
The central land of Madhya Pradesh, the land of Kings and primitive people, of rugged mountains , myth and romance, is the largest state in the Indian Union, with its capital at Bhopal. M.P. is a vast plateau surrounded by the Vindhya and Satpura mountains that make a rugged descent into the valleys of the Narmada and Tapti rivers.

One of India's largest, most populous and economically vibrant states, it also happens to be the film center of India. Sandwiched between states on all sides, on its western border lies the Arabian Sea. The principal languages spoken are Marathi, English, Hindi, Gujrati. The capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai owes its name to Mumba Devi, the guardian deity of the city.

Orissa Tour
Each morning the sun breaks over the Konark temple, bringing to life one of the most beautiful states of India- Orissa. The Sun Temple, also known as the black pagoda, was constructed in the 13th century AD. It was conceived as a celestial chariot of the Sun God, drawn on 12 pairs of elaborately ornated wheels, driven by seven spirited horses.

Rajasthan is a place where cities pink and gold have been built over ashes of the dead. Citadels and fortresses, palaces and ramparts have sprung up in between the sands of the Thar, the great Indian desert that stretches through the western half of Rajasthan. The desert lands are framed by the 700 km craggy heights of the Aravallis, cutting the land in half. To the east of the Aravallis, Rajasthan grows its cotton in an agriculturally rich alluvial soil.

Tamil Nadu Tour
Tamil Nadu is a civilization unharmed by the ravages of time. Its very location at the southern tip of India made it impervious to those who came with the purpose to loot, plunder and destroy. As a result it remains the most 'Indian' part of India, showing little or no outside influence. The land of majestic, ornate temples, vast beaches and courteous people, its capital city is Chennai.

Referred to as the cow belt or the Hindi belt, Uttar Pradesh has been the most dominant state in Indian politics and culture since Independence. The Ganges which forms the backbone of the state, is considered sacred by Hindus, and has seven holy towns including Varansi, the holiest of the holies. Uttar Pradesh is also of importance to Buddhists; it was at Sarnath that Buddha first preached his message.

West Bengal Tour
The land of fish, curry and rice, West Bengal is saddled with this label. But this decription while closely approximates the people's concern here, does not even touch their other aspects, their passion, love for a hearty chat and impulsiveness. The Bengalis are an argumentative people, fighting it out over politics, and the other favourite topic, football. But it's a place full of warmth as well. You may come here as a stranger, but you leave as a friend.

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Finally in Chile after this long travel....i just want to say thank you for everything one more time....i spend a wonderful days in your wonderful country that i love so much... everything arranged by your company was PERFECT!!!. i really hope to visit again India and explore the northern region :). I'm planning to make an exposition with Indian pictures :)
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Thanks for all your help in making our trip memorable. India and Nepal are both rewarding and challenging, it was quite the experience. The hotels were good with the Golden Tulip being the best. All the drivers we used were very friendly & informative. The driver was excellent in Nepal and I would highly recommend him:
Overall it was a positive experience. Again, thanks.
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