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Spiti and Himachal Tour
Spiti and Himachal Tour
Spiti and Himachal Tour
Himachal Pradesh is one of the more accessible parts of the Western Himalayan region, with fairly extensive surface communications and is within a day's reach form Delhi. The alpine regions of Lahaul and Spiti valley, which are north of the Great Himalayan range, are climatically and ethnically more akin to Ladakh. With an abundance of forests, mountains, rivers and lakes, Himachal offers very attractive opportunities for trekking with routes leading to Zanskar and Ru. The state is dotted with holiday resorts all over. The celebrated Kullu and Kangra valleys, and the Manali hill station have their unique charm and personality and are as gracious and exciting than Kashmir valley.

Kullu valley, 205  km (127 miles) from Shimla, is famous for its beautiful scenery, apple orchards, and lively tribal music and dances. Itĺs worth making a special trip to the KulIu Valley to see the most exuberant of all Kullu's festivals, Dussehra - 10 days of exuberant revelry, folk dances, and music played on hill instruments such as karnal, narsinghas, dhoi and drum. All over India, Dussehra is celebrated to commemorate Rama's victory over the demon king Ravana. In Kullu the god, Raghunath is the victorious one who is the focus of the festivities. Himachal Pradesh, because of its varying latitudes, offers a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Indeed, for the naturalist, Himachal is a virtual paradise. The regions of Marhi near Rohtang, Sisu in Lahaul, Sansa on the Lahaul Chamba trek and Dhundi near Manali are very rich with alpine flowers from June to mid September. Likewise, while the Outer Himalayas are replete with oaks, deodars and rhododendrons, the Inner Himalayas are vegetated with silver fir, maple, horse chestnuts, texus and betulas. The fauna of the state is typical, like-Himalayan black bear, goral, barking deer, leopard and amongst birds, monal, trangopan, chir pheasants, koklas, kalij, pheasant and red jungle fowl.

Kinnaur is the newly opened destination to tourists and is one of the most scenic districts of Himachal Pradesh. The Sutluj river, which rises in the southern slopes of Kailash Parvat near Mansarovar in Tibet, flows through the Kinnaur valley. Most of the landmass consists of rugged barren mountains, and an indigenous culture untouched by contemporary changes. The old Hindustan - Tibet road which was the main trade route to trade form Tibet, passes through the Kinnaur valley.

Lahaul and Spiti Valleys form a unique socio - physical unit of Himachal Pradesh. These rugged valleys lie at the height of (3000 to 4800 meters) above sea level, our base camps at Kalpa, Chitkul and Nako are carefully located to maximize the sweeping view of this magnificent Himalayan terrain. The magical land of Lahaul and Spiti consists of a network of soaring mountains and deep valleys. The altitude varies from over 6,500 m at high peaks to 2,740 m where the Chenab River makes its exit from the region.

The combined total geographical area of Lahaul and Spiti is 12,210 square kilometers. With a population of about 32,000, the population density is only 2 persons per sqare kilometer. Lahaul and Spiti probably have India's lowest population density, along with Zanskar, and habitation is concentrated at a few points along the main river valley. Lahaul and Spiti are places where time stands still. Little has changed the landscape, which have been fashioned by the ice age. Ice and snow have sculpted the terrain, and next to the Karakoram region, Lahaul and Spiti possibly have the largest deposits of ice in the entire Indian Himalayas.

The timelessness has largely been due to the inaccessibility of the area. Lahaul and Spiti are completely surrounded by high mountain ranges. There are few routes in and out of the region. To the northwest lies the near impassable gorge of the Chandrabhaga River. The pass crossings are high and lead mainly into the other Trans Himalayan areas. Only three main passes connect Lahaul with the lower hills -- the Kugti leading to the Chamba Valley, the well-known Rohtang Pass leading to the Kulu Valley and the Hampta, a trekkers delight, also leading to the Kulu Valley. 

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